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~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Initial Licensure / Transfer/ Reciprocity  |  Renewal


Initial Licensure / Transfer/ Reciprocity

• US transcripts—What do I need to send with my license application?

• Do you accept international transcripts?

• Do I have enough credits to sit for the exams? Will the Board evaluate my transcripts and tell me?

• Where can I get my education in order to qualify for licensure?

• You have two initial license application forms. Which do I use?

• I am applying for a license with another state and need my Minnesota exam/license information sent. What do I do?

• When should I take the AICPA ethics exam as part of my initial licensure requirements?

• Does the experience required for my license application have to take place in Minnesota?

• Who can verify my experience?



Renewal FAQs

• Do I renew this year?

• When I try to log in, it says "Person match not found."

• When I log in to renew, the screen comes up blank.

• I get a message that says "Renewal in Progress," but I haven't renewed.

• When I log in I get a message that says that my certificate has already been renewed, but I haven't renewed.

• What if I don’t have enough required Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for the three years ended June 30, 2015?

• I am getting an error message on the CPE reporting page.

• I want to request an exemption from Minnesota’s CPE requirements.

• I want to change my status.

• My transaction timed out and now I can't get back in.

• My payment isn't being accepted by US Bank or it times out.

• I am renewing late.

• I cannot renew my sole proprietor firm permit online.

• I am trying to open a PDF file and it won't open.

• Why am I being charged a convenience fee?

• My name has changed.