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About the Board

Board Mission

The mission of the Minnesota Board of Accountancy is to protect the public through the regulation of the practice of accounting by Certified Public Accountants, Registered Accounting Practitioners and others in Minnesota by:

  • Ensuring that those entering the practice meet standards of competency by way of education, experience and examination;
  • Establishing standards of practice for those certified or registered to practice;
  • Requiring that anyone practicing or offering to practice accounting be certified or registered and continue to maintain their professional competence;
  • Enforcing the laws, rules and standards governing the practice of accounting in Minnesota in a fair, expeditious and consistent manner.

Vision Statement

  • The Minnesota Board of Accountancy will have a major influence in ensuring that Certified Public Accountants and Registered Accounting Practitioners provide quality services in Minnesota.
  • Minnesota Certified Public Accountants and Registered Accounting Practitioners will possess the knowledge, skills and abilities enabling them to meet the needs of their clients and the public.
  • Minnesota Certified Public Accountants and Registered Accounting Practitioners will be competent in all areas of practice and will adhere to standards of ethical professional conduct.
  • Minnesota Certified Public Accountants and Registered Accounting Practitioners will have access to statutes, rules, regulations and professional standards necessary to remain current.

Board Structure

The Board has 9 members appointed by the Governor for four-year terms. Seven (7) members are Certified Public Accountants and two (2) members are members of the general public. Each member serves on at least one of five committees:

  • Complaint Committee
  • Continuing Professional Education Committee
  • Firm Credential and Peer Review Committee
  • Laws and Rules Committee

Actions taken by a Committee must come to the full Board for approval.

 Committee Assignments

See the Board Member section for more information on how to apply for appointment to the board.

Biennial Report to the Governor

Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 214.07, Subd. 1, the Board must submit a biennial report to the Governor. Click below to download the report.

2020-2022 Biennial Report PDF
 2020-2022 Report
 2018-2020 Report  2016-2018 Report
 2014-2016 Report  2012-2014 Report


Other Policy Statements

 Affirmative Action Plan  Sexual Harassment Prohibition Policy

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